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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm still alive!

I thought that while I've got computer access I'd update this but sitting down to write it, it dawned on me that actually there has been no events of interest in my life and no progress on my various quilting projects. How sad is that? Hubby travelled to South Africa, Paris and Berlin. I bought some nice Sharpie permanent markers. I think I need more excitement in my life!!!

I'm not normally up this scary early but Y had a school trip to London and had to be at the coach for 6.15. He's going to visit the Houses of Parliament and then the National Gallery. Not something I'd fancy doing with a large group of 10/11 year olds. In previous years they've visited the British Museum or the Science Museum which I would think is rather more fun for kids than the Gallery. I hope he's not too disappointed.

I've taken up Ferret on her 8 random facts meme so I'll be having a bit of a think and post up later.


At 22/5/07 08:54 , Blogger Penny said...

Hi Dormouse, I was glad to see you commenting. 6.15 is a bit early, although Kiddo went to France on a day trip last week, and the buses left at 4.30am! I went back to bed when I got home.

Did Hubby bring back anything nice? Or did he just get to airport shops?

At 23/5/07 15:22 , Blogger anne bebbington said...

I sympathise - my DH gets to travel all over the place - the furthest I get is the supermarket and work neither further than a mile and a half from home - come the Revolution when I come to power I'm having a life where I can travel at will - having said that there's something to be said for new markers :o)

At 23/5/07 23:47 , Blogger Ferret said...

I've thought of another random thing about me, I lose postal addresses. I';ve got it packed and everything now (yes it really has taken me this long to get my act together). Now I've lost your address again. I am so sorry. Please enlighten me. Big sticks might help :)

At 24/5/07 16:45 , Blogger Dormouse said...

Penny, I did get a carved warthog from South Africa. I'm not at all sure what that says...
Other than that it was some chocolate chip cookies pilfered from the conference.
4.30 is horrible o'clock, I'm glad it wasn't quite that early.

Anne, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. It's quite depressing that he's jetting off to exotic places while I get to stay home. Then again he very rarely gets to see much outside the hotel or venue and one Holiday Inn looks much like another.

Ferret, I've still not sent off Beverly's Green Man. I'll email you my address right away.

At 25/5/07 18:26 , Blogger Penny said...

I'm sure it's a beautiful carved warthog :-).

My father used to go abroad with work a lot, and come home with loads of pictures of gas storage tanks.

At 31/8/08 13:43 , Blogger Dotty said...

Hi dormouse, do you know what year we're in now? ;)


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