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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots of cooking

Went out for a walk on Monday and picked a lot of fruit to make jam with. Doesn't it look pretty?

Not quite so pretty once boiled down.

Strained it over-night then boiled it up.

And made beautiful jam.

Then I used up some milk from the reduced section and made paneer cheese, flavoured with herbs and garlic. I didn't think to take pictures of it until it was almost gone.

I also made sunflower seed and honey bread, 3 different types of bread rolls, home-made pizza, lasagne and raspberry flapjacks. All of which were eaten before I thought about photos. They were delicious though.


At 10/9/08 17:50 , Blogger Dotty said...

Wow you have been busy. And i love your list of food. I LURVE lasange.
I am impressed you made your own cheese and Jam.
I have never made Jam. but have always said i will. It will be one of things i make next Autumn though ;)
Can you believe how cold it is!
Hey did get any of that bad rain last week?

At 10/9/08 20:08 , Blogger Dormouse said...

It's been freezing. We were seriously considering putting the heating on.

The rain was crazy. I'm glad we live at the top of a hill. If we flooded the rest of the town would have gone already along with most of the south of England. :)

At 3/10/08 22:22 , Blogger Dotty said...

The is a picture of a Dormouse on "Devon country" magazine, every time i walk past it reminds me of you :) :)

At 22/10/08 21:30 , Blogger Penny said...

Hi Dormouse, just noticed your flurry of blog posts. Take care, Penny


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