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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Chris' Quilt all quilted and waiting for it's binding to be sewn down. Hand sewing is not one of my favourite things so that might take a while.

Blogger is being it's usual helpful self and has grouped the pictures and won't let me ungroup them to type betweent them.

The second photo is the 'what's above your computer' shot from Monday and the third one is my front door looking quite festive. Note the fabulously artistic distressed look.


At 8/1/10 22:44 , Blogger Dotty said...

I love your purple front door!

I love/hate hand sewing, i love doing detail with it, but hate doing binding with it. that is why i am working on dolly sized quilts at the moment, :) x x

At 10/1/10 20:45 , Blogger Dormouse said...

That's what I should do. Far qicker and a lot less hassle.


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