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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We had a wonderful time in Lanzarote. The weather was very sunny and breezy so I didn't get too hot but it was warm enough to sit on the beach or swim in the hotel's pool. Had to be a little careful because we all have skin that burns easily and with being winter pale and the breeze stopping you from feeling hot, it was far too easy to get burned. I got sunburnt feet in about 3/4 hour out shopping. The boys really enjoyed themselves and Y managed to get over his fear of water and played in the pool all week. He even got so far as going underwater and managed to swim a little bit. We've promised him that he can go to the local pool at weekends to keep it up. It's a huge step forward. He's always refused point blank before and even the remedial swimming class he did at school didn't help at all.

The Hotel was really nice and very friendly.

We visited the Jameos del Aqua.

The pool is home to weird little white crab/crayfish things which apparently are unique to this cave.

We also took a trip to the Timanfaya National Park to see the volcanoes.

Admission includes a coach trip through the lava fields which was spectacular. It looked like somewhere on an alien planet.

There is also a restaurant which cooks the food using the heat coming from the volcano!

It sits right at the top and is completely circular.

This gives you the most amzing view ever while you eat your lunch. The food is good too.

Finally, while I was downloading these pictures I looked at the photos from the last time we went to Lanzarote. The boys were SO young.


At 6/3/09 10:48 , Blogger Dotty said...

The holiday pics are all lovely.
Wow the boys grew so much!!
Glad you all had a lovely time x

At 6/3/09 12:42 , Blogger Dormouse said...

It's amazing really. Where did the time go? :)


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