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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Teazle's Coat of Many Colours

Poor Teazle has crummy genentics and has a pretty much bald rump. She really needs something to keep her cozy in the cold weather and so I made her this.

Doesn't she look stupidly awesome?
It's usually only for wearing around the house and in the garden, she has a black, waterproof coat for proper walks but yesterday, because it was so snowy, I put it on Sophie when we went out to the park. It looked so happy and bright against the white snow and we got a lot of positive comments about it.


At 8/1/10 22:45 , Blogger Dotty said...

<3 it!!!
She looks so cute.

At 9/1/10 17:50 , Blogger Penny said...

She does look awesome - it's a great coat.

At 9/1/10 22:10 , Blogger Elsz said...

She looks fab! :)

At 10/1/10 17:45 , Blogger tami said...

I just love your puppie's coat. Every puppy should be so lucky to have something so pretty to wear.

At 10/1/10 20:44 , Blogger Dormouse said...

Aw thanks guys. It makes me smile whenever she's wearing it.

At 15/1/10 19:40 , Blogger allyf said...

How not to loose your dog in the snow! Seriously its fab, looks great on her.


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