Dormouse's Diary

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biopsy Results

Teazle is feeling a lot better now. The drain has been taken out and everything is healing up nicely.

The vet phoned with the test results. The lump on her back was only a sebacious cyst so no problems there, the big one on her side was a lipoma and no cancer cells inside so no problem there either. The one on her tummy turned out not to be breast cancer as suspected but a mast cell cancer on the underside of her skin. They say it was in the early stages and that they got all it's margins so hopefully it hasn't spread further.

After losing Bracken so recently I was pretty wibbly about Teazle but that's a lot better result than I was fearing.

She hopeful gets her stitches out on Friday and then it's just a matter of waiting for her fur to grow back.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sad dog

Teazle had some lumps that the vet was concerned about so yesterday she went in to have them taken out. She is now the saddest dog in the world. They were pretty big incisions and because there was one on her ribs, one on her back and one on her udders she's finding it hard to lie comfortably.

She was very cold and shaky from the anaesthetic and we took pity on her and she spent the night on our bed all wrapped up in fluffy towels. This made her a very happy dog but she is a dreadful bed-hog and whimpered under her breath all night so I dont think we got a wink of sleep.

Getting up at 4.00 to take my husband to the airport was very hard. She was feeling pretty perky by then and had a breakfast before I left, another one when I got back at 7.00 and then stole some of Sophie's too so I think she's back to normal.

We're now keeping our fingers crossed that they were benign.